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The dynamics of conflict involving guardianship for minor children, conservatorship for adults or the probate of an estate can create tremendous stress on all involved. Conflicts arise between family members, caregivers, minor children and aging adults as they search for ways to deal with the serious changes affecting their evolving relationships. The Mediation process provides a safe, constructive and confidential way for people to work though their issues and move forward constructively. While mediation can occur at any time, early participation in the process can address potential conflicts before they escalate. It can also strengthen the on-going relationships and preserve the dignity of the parties, especially in cases involving children and the elderly. Mediation is effective but does not always result in an agreement. When this occurs the mediator can help parties decide what their next steps are in preparing for the future. In many cases, disputes can be resolved without needing to enter the court system or can be handled with only minimal paperwork rather than through a hearing.

Donald’s specialty is early Elder Family Issue Conferencing amongst elder care members to establish a plan prior to incapacity.  Donald does not give legal or financial advice during these conferences.  These meetings are to provide all stakeholders an opportunity to know their interests have been heard.  When these interests are presented all family members can create a plan that is in the best interest of the family member in concern.  

Most people have capacity to make decisions for themselves; sometimes they need a little help.  Conservatorship is necessary when planning and agreements have not been established.

Most people deserve respect when their lives are the topic of conversation.  Donald will go to your home or care facility to help enable participation and self-determination.

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