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I am a mediator based in Fresno, California.  I am a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, ACR, and serve on the Fresno County Superior Court’s Mediator Panel. My back ground is founded with a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking at Fresno Pacific University.

I earned a BA in Rhetoric with an emphasis in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley (’77). I maintain continuing education with excessive hours of certified mediation training including hours from the California State Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

I have been trained in construction dispute arbitration certified by the New Mexico Bar and as an employment mediator by the EEOC. I have twenty-eight years of experience in retail business ownership and real estate management. I am a Research Consultant and advanced mediation trainer for the Fresno County Superior Court.  I participate as a Mediation Associate http://mediationassociates.co.  I consider myself to be a conflict resolution specialist.

Donald Fischer is a conflict resolution specialist.  He received a Master’s Degree in Conflict Studies and Peacemaking from Fresno Pacific University (FPU).  Donald mediates Civil, Probate and Family Law issues.  Donald extensively works with Elder Family Issues caused by aging transitions.  He is an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Academy of Family Mediators.

Donald was Director of the FPU Mediation Services contract with the California Superior Court, County of Fresno, Civil & Probate Division, for 12 years. Donald has contracted with the Court as a research consultant and advanced mediation trainer.  He serves on the California Bar Association, Litigation Section, ADR committee (co-chair 2012-13, 2013-14).

I educated and persuaded complainants and respondents to accept the opportunity to voluntarily mediate their conflict and helped parties set a mutually agreeable date and location to mediate as Program Director and Lead Mediator for Fresno Pacific University Mediation Services Dispute Resolution Program Act (DRPA) contract with the California Superior Court, County of Fresno, http://mediation-services.co.  Each party was assisted in developing their voice to efficiently participate in mediation. A mediation intern was assign by me or I personally mediate the conflict. This work provided me with over 1500 case experiences. 

I am a graduate of Leadership Fresno Class XVIII and Fresno County Farm Bureau’s Future Advocates for Agriculture Concerned about Tomorrow (FAACT) program. These two programs exposed me to current issues facing the Central Valley. The public policy issues visited included population growth, land use, water use, environment, public health, transportation, labor, import / export, poverty, nutrition, air quality, new cross-cultural refugee populations and other interests related to the development of Rural America. The educational forum these programs offered was through panel presentation by proponents with opposing views followed by site visits that demonstrated the subject matter. The task of the class was to become a substantial leader with the ability to facilitate systemic change affecting the greatest public benefit.

Donald sits on the California Superior Court, County of Fresno, ADR Panel and Family Law Mediation Panel.  He sits on the California Superior Court, County of Kings, Mediation Panel.  Donald mediates for the California Agricultural Mediation Program (CALAMP), USDA and California Department of Food & Agriculture, Contract Services. He mediates for Workplace Conflict Management (CHI), Department of the Interior, Contract Services.

I have had entrepreneurial management experience throughout my entire life as a third generation businessman in the lumber and hardware industry. My family’s retail lumber and hardware business in  California, provided me with total quality management systems experience in labor, inventory, facilities, insurance, vendors, customers and contracts. My work in project management has brought all facilitating parties to a common vision that completes the goals valued by each partner. This is one of my strong attributes.

I became involved with the National and California Lumber Associations. This gave me experience in the legislative process of networking and lobbying for industry interests at state and federal levels. I developed a working structure to identify, approach and integrate appropriate stakeholders in a constructive problem solving environment.
My contact with the agricultural industry has been life long as I was born during the era initiating the Great Westside water projects to the current era of the Westland’s land retirement program. I have participated in water delivery system construction, water monitoring and desalination projects, construction of field packing machinery and conversion of cantaloupe packing sheds into alternative use facilities. I stay in close contact with water issues as a shareholder in Columbia Canal Company which has Exchange Water Contractor’s rights. I further this contact through volunteer support of the San Joaquin River Parkway Trust. I have participated in forums during the past fifteen years exploring the potential models that will evolve the Great Westside of the San Joaquin Valley. Additionally, my involvement as a member of the Fresno County Tourism Committee, the Firebaugh – Las Deltas School District Vocational Advisory Committee and Committee for an Entrepreneurship Development System for Rural America has put me in the forefront of facilitating local change in a cooperative manner.

Donald earned Fiduciary Certifications from California State University, Fullerton, in the Management of the Person and the Portfolio Estate.  He is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (CLPF-913) and National Certified Guardian.

I am well rounded to administer and facilitate processes of conflict management and conflict resolution. My training and experience enable me to provide a safe environment that allows clients, employers, counsel and support services to know they have been heard during their effort to constructively seek options that peacefully manage change and resolution.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. My focus and heart are clearly set to excel as a mediator for your needs.

Donald earned a BA in Rhetoric with an emphasis in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley (’77) and maintains continuing certified education from the California State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Professional Fiduciary Association of California and Association for Conflict Resolution.

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