From time to time, in civil (and not so civil) litigation, it is worthwhile to discover what the best alternatives are to continuing hard-fought litigation.  Experience shows that by checking in with a neutral mediator, you can safely explore settlement options without seeming ‘too eager to settle’.

Business Mediation is the most cost and time-efficient method to:

  • Business Owner Conflict – Is Saying Partners Important?
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents;
  • persuade directly an unrealistic opposing litigant;
  • assist your own client in becoming more realistic by effective use of the mediator in private caucus;
  • explore the real worth of value-added options not available at trial (such as maintaining confidentiality and/or creating a plausible cover story; structuring a less expensive, tax-advantaged settlement strategy; eliminating the risks and costs of collection through adequately securing payment; and even constructing broad injunctive relief that would not generally be available in a litigated case);
  • focus the opposing litigants or counsel on the sound basis of your litigating position;
  • anchor the opposing litigants and counsel on a range of settlement options that you establish through the assistance of the mediator.

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